Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Curtain refashion.

Here's my latest refashion from an old unloved curtain to a skirt. You may remember part of this curtain was used to cover a foot stool a while ago. I love this happy fabric, and this curtain really needed to see the world. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sewing and refashioning

So basically it's all about keeping cool these days, and cleaning up the mess made by my favourite 2 year old terror. Oh how I've missed my sewing machine lately, so I really needed to sew on Friday, although my sewing room gave new meaning to the term 'sweat shop'.

On Friday I made a super hero cape for a little man turning 3 (Kayden). I was really working up a sweat on this one, but not the little man is now fully equipped to save the world, so it was obviously worth it.

After feeling as if my brain would melt on Firday, Saturday I opted for a no sew refashion of an op shopped dress that was way too small for me, but I bought because I liked the print and feel. It's been sitting in my craft room for months, and in less than a minute it was ready to wear. Just a snip and a fold. Simple but cute me thinks.

Then today I picked up a free dress that was ripe for refashioning. I love the funky print but it was large and shapeless. I unpicked, repaired, put some darts in, took in the sides, chopped off the sleeves and changed the buttons for some big old vintage ones. Now I have a new summer dress. As if I needed another one. :-/

Hopefully I will have time to do some more sewing in the coming weeks, as I really do crave it when I don't get enough time with my machine.

What have you been up to?

by Sharon Newth