Monday, March 25, 2013

The house of Nana

Some of you may know that my Nana passed away recently, and my Mum and her sisters have been taking to the unenviable task of cleaning out the house of someone who lived in the same place, and in much the same way, for 60 plus years. She never threw anything away, and many things are in original or fantastic condition.

Knowing my love of vintage, Mum selected some things I might like to have, and I will be using some of them for upcoming craft projects.

I love these old canisters, I will be finding something very useful to use them for, and the floral tablecloth might be refashioned into something else.

The pink plates I will use for Sunday breakfasts, as they have many memories attached to them of meals at Nanny's house sitting around her laminex table.

I adore these vintage towels, so my mind will be working overtime trying to think of something really special to do with them.

These awesome Irish linen tea towels are so vibrant. They are the subject of today's sewing adventure, blog post to follow.

One of her skirts.

And this was one of my Pa's tops. I'm wearing it today. Love it!

These were also my Pa's overalls which he wore every day. I got these when he died many years ago now, and still wear them occasionally. This was me last week. Still miss him after 19 years and feel a bit closer to him when I wear these.

How lucky I am to have such special memories of all of my grandparents, and it's a privilege to have some of Nan's things and let them see light again after so many years in a dark cupboard.

Do you have special items passed on from loved ones who are no longer around?


  1. Amazing vintage stuff, love it!! I have absolutely got to get into a thrift(ok, an op shop)store and see if I can find some vintage fabrics. Nobody in my family has left me anything like that, and I adore those. I would probably use the tablecloth and the dishtowels just as they are, but I would try to do something with thos cute little tea towels. love the the vest...and love the overalls. LOL...I just love all of it. Have you a good time figuring out what to do with all of it...and yeah, I love the canisters, too!!!

    You know who this is, name necessary. Y'all have a great day, hear?

  2. Ok so your nanna had some AMAZING things!!!! Love it all. Look forward to seeing how you will use it all.