Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter egg love

Easter came a little early at our house tonight, just for fun. Impulsive me decided to make a decorated egg with a message inside for Mr Crafty. A bit of a comedy of errors but in the end it was lots of fun and all turned out quite nicely.

Here's how it went down.....

I used a drawing pin to put a little hole in this egg.

And a bigger one in the other end. Then I blew the yolk and white out from the egg.

Having no idea how to colour eggs, I just went ahead with my usual lack of planning and rolled it around in water and food dye.

It came out looking hideous. Not to mention my hands.

So I decided to paint over the top of that atrocity. Ok, still extremely unattractive.

So I moved on for a bit, to give my brain some breathing space. I found an old envelope, (looks like it has Vegemite on it) and wrote a little love note to Mr Crafty.

Cut it out, rolled it up like a scroll, and popped it inside the egg.

I'd had some time to regroup, so I dragged out some little golden book pages and chopped them up into tiny pieces and then glued them onto the egg.

Starting to look a bit better. Phew! Decided on a glass of red to calm the nerves a bit.

 I wrapped a recycled gift box with some of the book page too. Super cute picture.

Ready to gift.

Mr crafty was intrigued.

And then he was a little bit chuffed.

I think I just made a tough day for someone I love just a little bit more joyous, and that fills my little heart with joy too. If you are having a break over Easter, I hope you have a wonderful rest and relax. 


  1. That's just as cute and sweet as it can be!!

    I am NOT a robot...Joyce...snicker!