Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Madness

Having made something every day for a year and blogged for almost all of those 365 days, 6 days without a blog post seems extraordinary to me. I have to admit that I have missed the excitement and especially the challenge of a daily creation.

The last week for me has been crazy. The kids are now on holidays and Easter was MAD. This was our first Easter spent in Bendigo and I have to say it's kind of a big thing here in my home town. Big would be a massive understatement. It's huge. Gynormous is how the kids would describe it.

There has been a big Easter festival going on and we've been right there running amok inside it.

We simply had to begin our long weekend with a beautiful family breakfast using some of Nana's old plates.

Followed by some rides and running in the park.

Isn't this the most stunning herb garden you have ever seen? Our town is looking gorgeous for autumn.

Night time action was just as much fun.

Here's Aidan and Juliet watching their first ever fireworks. WOW!!

And Dylan was absolutely fascinated by this.....

And that was all just Friday!

Juliet and I were helping out on Saturday to make vegetable jewellery for the Bendigo Community Farmer's Market parade float. It was loads of fun.

The next morning I got up and made a couple of carrot t shirts for the boys to wear.

I made some home transfers and then embellished with wool and felt carrot tops. Forgot to take another pic.

And off on the float we went. What an awesome time.

We spent an hour waving to these gorgeous people in the crowds who came to see the parade. What a fabulous vibe.

The weekend continued, there was more fun, and a trip to Melbourne, but I'm exhausted now just thinking about it all. It was fabulous. All of it. I wouldn't change a minute, but now I think I'll hibernate for a while.


  1. Wow, that looks and sounds like so much fun. My little town doesn't do anything. Ever. Boring.


    1. Oh that's sad Joyce. Perhaps you should start your own. I have an idea to start and international food night market around here, as it's something I really miss about multicultural Melbourne.

  2. Hope you're surviving the holidays!
    Looks like you all had a blast :D

    1. Thanks Jane. Love the holidays and staying in our pjs.