Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yarn wrapped coat hanger hearts

What started out as a lovely autumn morning planting a new crop in our veggie garden, spiralled into a full day outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, and getting creative.

I thought I'd share this little tutorial of how I made yarn wrapped hearts.

First I got some old wire coat hangers and bent them into heart shapes. I just did this with my hands, and then used the pliers to cut the bottoms off (the hook part). If you want to be a bit more perfect with your heart shapes you can use the pliers to give a better shape.

Then I cut off a length of yarn and tied it to the peak of my coat hanger, and wrapped the bottom bit tightly with my yarn. I'm using this wide yarn called 'fish net' yarn which comes in these gorgeous bright colours.

Basically I just kept wrapping fairly tightly and crossing over whenever I felt like it.

Then it was just more crossing and wrapping. When I ran out of yarn I just cut off a bit more and tied a knot to keep going. I wrapped some yarn around the knot to disguise it a bit.

 Here's my finished heart, tied to my fence.

And another one.

I've got four kids, so I had to make 4 hearts. Yes, they make me smile.

It was lovely outside, so I used the last bit of sunshine to do some more sewing of blankets onto my trees. My yard is doing a lot of smiling on it's own now, and it's a very happy place to be.

I live in the best place on earth!


  1. I like your love heart whimsy along the fence line. It looks so inviting and I am sure that it would be a magical place to hang out.

  2. You sure do! Such a lovely place to be and your creations are absolutely lovely. :)

    1. Thanks Adin :-). It's lovely to be able to surround ourselves with things that make us smile I think.