Thursday, April 4, 2013

Picture framing on a budget

Over summer I have loved going on evening walks, usually after the kids are in bed, and soaking up the beauty of where I live. Sometimes I take my camera with me, or snap a photo on my phone. Daylight savings will be finishing up in a few days and I will miss it dearly, as the days grow shorter, and it will be difficult to find time for my walks.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the last couple of months.

Mr Crafty got this hay bale photo printed out for me as one of my birthday presents. There is something about hay bales in a paddock that I find really peaceful, and the sight brings back lots of happy feelings from my childhood growing up in the country.

It really needed a frame though, which I finally found this week at my local Vinnies op shop. I bought this unloved picture for $5. What a bargain! I loved the colour of the wood.

Out came the picture. My photo was a little larger but it was easy to trim some off, and I just drew around the old picture first to get the size right.

Yay! I love it. Now I can gaze at hay bales all year round.


  1. Great photos! My favorite is the one of the kangaroo standing up straight and looking right you. Do they ever attack or are they a peacable animal? I also loved the two of the tree branches, as I'm crazy about branches.

    Good job with the baled hay photo and the's always good to get a bargain!!


  2. Yes that is a huge kangaroo I see around sometimes. Wouldn't want to cross him. They don't attack as a rule but they have been known to get dogs and drag them into water and drown them if they are threatened by them. I love trees and branches too Joyce. Lots around here. Aidan asked if he could go and see a gum tree the other day 'with gum leaves' as he thought he'd never seen one. I had to point out that our house is completely surrounded by them.

  3. Bless his heart, tell Aiden that I wouldn't know a gum tree if it walked up to me and stuck to me, lol. I think there's something called a "sweetgum" tree here in the American south, but I'm honestly not sure, and wouldnt' know what it looks like at all. I love looking at trees, and I have branches set in glass bottles, but have no idea which trees are which. Duh.

  4. I'm always buying picture frames from op shops too, rarely buy new. Your first photograph is just stunning, you live in such a beautiful place