Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Op Shopping Adventures 16/4

The little dudes and I popped into an op shop yesterday morning while we were out doing some jobs. We found some treasures.

We didn't buy this, but Little A was completely besotted. He sat down and pushed all the keys up and then put them all down, and found it totally fascinating.

I loved the yellow of this crochet top, I knew Juliet would love these fluffy socks, and I"m always a sucker for hand knitted jumpers for babies, so I got this little cutie for Dylan.

This was by far my most exciting purchase though. I looooved these as a kid. I found this vintage view-master and all of these 60s and 70s reels for $4. I couldn't help but buy it. 

Some of these shows were a bit before my time, but I loved The Brady Bunch and Daniel Boone. Very cool! I'm looking forward viewing the 'Australia' ones to see what has changed in all those years.

And of course more crochet goodness for my yarn bombing and crafts.

After we left the shop Little A commented 'Mum, that shop was awesome, next time can we go to the shop next door?' The shop next door was a toy shop.



  1. Love the old ViewMasters!! Good find, Sharon. I bet your kids will love it.


  2. Loving the colour of your crochet find. That typewriter session could be the one that got away!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I did consider the typewriter, but where on earth would I put it? :-)

  3. hi sharon, great to have you linking in! my personal fave is the jersey, i'm a sucker for handknits on kids too x

    1. Thanks Max. There are always so many gorgeous little knits that don't even look worn too, seems a shame after all the work that goes into them.