Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thrifty Business

Winter is starting to creep in here, with the days still warm but the morning and afternoon/evenings getting decidedly chilly.

Op shopping on the weekend was aimed at some wintery finds.

First up I found this Billabong jacket, it's part wool so it's very warm. It was a crazy 20 cents at a local parish op shop. Yep, 20 cents. Nuts!!

These are for Mr Dylan. A cool denim jacket, a warm lined parka and a hoodie. These were 1 and 2 dollars each.

Mr D also got a snow suit. Totally adorable and just the thing for playing in muddy puddles. We don't have snow here but it does get a little chilly.

Some pretty plates, for a project.

And a young soldier in a frame. I wondered how he got there and why. In the end I couldn't leave him in the old frames bin, especially as it's ANZAC day here tomorrow, and our soldiers of the past are very much on our minds. He has come to stay at our place.

I am part of a group called stuff sharers where group members give away their unwanted 'stuff', and this week I got this vintage scrabble board, and the smaller of the two vintage suitcases below. (An old Nun's suitcase. I love it, and am using it for storage in my craft room, which is always a work in progress.)

Bless all of our wonderful soldiers of past and present. xx


  1. Great haul! Love the way you honored that young soldier, very respectful. Are you going to leave him as he is or try to work him into a project?

    Got the biggest kick out of Dylan toting both the suitcases, lol...looked like he thought he was going traveling!!

  2. I don't have any plans for the soldier at this stage. It just didn't seem right leaving him there. Maybe I'll end up doing something with him. Random ideas often come to me. :-)

    How cute was Dylan? Man he is hard to photograph though. He moves too fast and my camera broke so I'm back to using my phone.