Friday, April 26, 2013

The Red Jacket

Here's the jacket I got at the op shop for 20 cents. It's a Billabong brand and it's warm and cosy with a wool blend. I love the buttons at the back. A couple of buttons were missing so I cut off the others from the front section and put some cute floral buttons on instead from my stash.

A simple change that adds some colour and makes it more 'me'.

It's even brighter than my hair. I'm almost kinda ready for winter now. As if I have a choice.

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  1. I love your coat and the buttons you've used. What a great find. Cx

  2. I love red and would have leaped on that jacket too, especially since it's in that nice peacoat style, and has peter pan-ish collars. LOVE IT! so great to have you linking up with us Sharon, do come again xxx

  3. Thanks guys. And thanks for hosting Max x