Friday, April 19, 2013

From table to foot stool to baby skirt

Happy Friday everyone!

First I have to share how cute Mr D was looking at Liam's first footy training session the other night. He is wearing the new jumper I got him at the op shop for a dollar, sandals that were gifted from a friend, and these awesome electric blue velvet pants I made Aidan when he was the same age. I bought this fabric for 50 cents at a market and it was the perfect amount for a little pair of blue trousers. The velvet is a fantastic quality and really thick and luscious.

You may remember I made this patchwork stool from one of my Gram's old tables.

Well my dear Mr Liam sat on it and rocked around a bit as he does, and look what happened. It was beyond repair.

Never fear, I used the fabric to make an adorable little baby skirt. One of our friends has just had a baby girl, and I like to see little girls in colours other than pink sometimes. 

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