Monday, April 22, 2013

My Nan's towels to a lovely picnic rug.

I have been looking at these towels longingly since I first got them from my Nan. The colours are so vibrant after all these years, and I wanted to make something great with them. I finally took the plunge and was brave enough to get my scissors and sewing machine out for this project.

I used her towels, another hand towel I found at an op shop, and an op shop plastic tablecloth to put on the bottom to make it waterproof for damp ground.

First I cut the towels into rectangles. The first cut is always the toughest.

Then I sorted out my design, and decided to add a doily to the centre.

Sewed all my pieces together, and here is my rug.

The kids love it, and so do I. Now we can enjoy these towels for picnics and play, and make many wonderful memories with these as our backdrop. Thanks Nan. xx


  1. Excellent use of the towels, and I know your Nan would heartily approve. You have such a creative mind. Be proud of yourself, hear?

    I also read the post about the purse you made, and it's truly lovely.


  2. Hi Joyce! Thankyou kindly once again. She kept most of her stuff stuck in a cupboard, so I'm sure she'd be glad that it will be used and loved. Getting warmer over your way yet? We are still getting lovely days but some chilly evenings and mornings are creeping in. I miss the long days.