Monday, December 9, 2013

A wreath of 4 generations.

I made this Christmas wreath today. It contains special items from 4 generations.

The foam ring I used as a base was first wrapped in cream lace that belonged to my Grandma, then some red lace which was also from her stash.

Hanging from the top is a dove made by my daughter Juliet last Christmas.

On this side is a flower made from some vinyl from my Nan's kitchen, with earrings that were my Mum's that she gave Juliet earlier this year when she got her ears pierced.

The blue fabric is a strip of fabric from one of my Nan's skirts.

Then the paper flower is made from a book page from a book my Poppa gave me many years ago. I cut the petals out and burnt the edges, then used one of Gram's buttons for the flower centre.

Over this side is a gold and pearl bracelet my Mum gave me when I was 12, and tucked into the red lace above it is a death notice for my Pa, who died almost 19 years ago.

That's my 4 generations wreath. It means a lot to me, and I have hung it at my front door to pay tribute to the importance of family in my life.

By Sharon Newth


  1. What a beautiful story and a wonderful tribute to four generations.

  2. I love it. I love it! This is a gorgeous way to honour your family and your treasures.

  3. Beautiful job, Sharon! Lovely way to show your love for your family.


  4. Replying to your comments from yesterday's post: I know what you mean about crafting being therapy. Great therapy, at that, and much cheaper than going to a therapist or even a psychiatrist. My therapy is to slosh paint around and play my little piano. I'm just never going to be a concert pianist, lol! 'Tis ok, tho, I sure enjoy the noises I'm making, and so far no neighbors have complained that I know of!

    I'm doing about the same as the last time we talked, altho the aches and pains are getting a little worse...again. They seem to reach a certain point and then not get worse for a while, but always always always, eventually they start getting worse again. Just part of life, I reckon. Still working and driving everyone crazy, lol!!!

    Hope you keep on posting for a time, but if you don't, well, just enjoy your life! And then I'd catch you on fb once in a while.


    1. It'd be lovely to be able to play the piano. I have to settle for singing, sometimes very loudly, and that's also very good for the soul.

      Aches and pains do get you down sometimes. I know it well and unfortunately I had a bad month with that too. Hope it improves soon for you.

      As for posting, I see how I go. I don't feel as much pressure now.