Friday, September 6, 2013

From layer cake to lovely.

I haven't done much refashioning lately.  My time has been taken up on many other things, and my wardrobe is getting a little full of vintage frocks, but when I spotted this amazing green dress at the op shop this morning I knew it was there just for me. The bodice fitted like a glove, but I looked a little like a layer cake. This was such a simple refashion, but wow what a difference.

I repaired a little rip at the back with a few sneaky stitches.

It has these clever bra clip things which are awesome. I've never seen them before.

It's fully lined, and the bottom layer was sewn to the lining, so all I did was chop off the bottom.

And here's how it ended up. A very elegant shape, a great fit and an amazing colour.

By Sharon Newth


  1. Sweet!Great job.And i love the doggy in the background ^^

  2. Excellent! Def a beautiful colour and great shape on you! Perfect for summer parties!

  3. I love it! I especially love super easy refashions that result in a dramatic and amazing result!

  4. Spring is in the air! (Here in Holland autumn is just beginning...)

    1. Oh autumn is pretty, but I'm so glad to be heading to warmer weather.

  5. Such a great colour dress, looks fantastic