Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stuff making. Handmade granny goodness. Kids creations.

Here's a few things that have been made in our household lately.

I made some crochet bunting. More bunting, I know, it's everywhere. :) I couldn't decide where to put it.

Father's day was a bit of a makers festival. Of course.

Cuddles with Dad. xxxxxxx



A masterpiece.

I made this for my Dad.

And a little caravan celebration card for my kitchen collection.

Have an awesome day! Hope it's filled with smiles. And maybe a little creative goodness.

By Sharon Newth


  1. Awwwww, you know I love that huge Father's Day card! Great job on the bird house, too. Bet your dad will love it. What kind of bird will be attracted to it, do you know?


    1. Don't know Joyce, I'll have to ask Dad if any birds have tried it out. Might do some for our place, we have so many lovely birds about.

  2. Hello! I'm looking for a Sharon Newth who volunteered in Ghana in 1999. I've got a photo but I can't really tell if it's you or not. Am I in the right place?

    Molly :)

    1. Hi Molly, yes that's me. :) Wonderful time in my life. Sharon

    2. Really? Prepare to be mindblown - I was the Brit kid and you stayed with us at my aunt's place and taught at my school. I was about 12 then! I only just came across a scrapbook I made all those years ago with a picture of us and a sticker of Australia that you sent afterwards. Wondered what became of you so had a look online and found your blog. How crazy is that?!

    3. Awesome! I often think about you and your brother. Would love to know what you are up to. Send me an email if you like Thanks for contacting me. Made my day!