Friday, September 6, 2013

Magic in my routine - Days 22-30

Here are the final days of my little magic project, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved taking time to appreciate this little moments of gold in my life.

Magic Day 22 - I could not have been prouder of Little A this morning. After 2 1/2 terms of lessons, he finally jumped into the pool all on his own. Big moment for him.

Day 23 - I stopped to watch the busy bees in my veggie garden this morning. It feels like spring has arrived.

Day 24 - Here's a little bit of magic. Dad's day at kinder.

Day 25 - This was pretty special. A pair of tawny frogmouth birds at school. I've only ever spotted them a couple of times in the wild, they are amazing.

Day 26 Magic - There is nothing like my daily walk to the mailbox with Mr D. Holding his soft little hand in mine, stopping to marvel at all the exciting things along the way. Looking at the world through the eyes of a toddler. There is lots of magic to be found in the world of the toddler.

Day 27 - If you were to look up at the sky on the last day of winter, there is no way you could deny that magic exists. It was an amazing end to winter.

Today's magic. Day 28. I spotted a whole tree bursting with beauty on my afternoon walk.

Day 29 - I carved out a very special kind of magic today. Half an hour in the sun with my book.

Day 30, my final day to document the magic in my daily life. There is so much magic in this beautiful day as I sit on my swing chair listening to the birds chatter. Not long ago this little man was a 6 pound miracle no larger than a doll, but this morning I watched him play with this car as he chatted to himself and made beep beep noises. When he is hungry he goes to the pantry and gets food, then gets his own bowl from the cupboard. That is the miracle of life. How blessed I am.

By Sharon Newth


  1. Lovely, as always. Such a good idea to be looking for magic in your daily life. More of us should take a lesson from you, eh? I know I should, altho I really feel that my days off are hours and hours of magic...most of the time. I have my bad days, lol.

    What kind of tree is that? Such a beautiful color, i love it. And the birds? Sharon, I've never even heard of them before. Really strange!

    Kudos to young Mr.A for his jump into the pool...major step for him, to be sure. Cute pic of him and Mr. knew that Mr.A snuck out without his shoes on, right??? Has your little one started talking yet?

    And one last comment: LOVE THAT DRESS!!!



  2. I think you find a lot of magic Joyce, when you aren't working too hard. x That tree is a flowering gum tree, I think this one is a silver princess as it droops a little. I love them. The birds are called Tawny Frogmouth and they almost look prehistoric. Such a joy to see them, and at school too.

    That child never wears shoes! I don't even try anymore. All through winter without shoes. Terrible mother people no doubt think. :)

    He is talking so much now Joyce. It's just beautiful. Every day he has a new word, strings a couple together sometimes. We all laugh and cheer him on and he loves it. Gorgeous age! Although so much work.

    Thanks re: the dress. I was very indulgent and got 2 more vintage dresses today. I have too many dresses.