Thursday, January 9, 2014

Handmade goodies by me.

A yellow dancing alien.


A New Year's thanks.

A school holiday activity jar for slow days

A jar of awesome.

Some crochet on holidays.

All made by me. See, I did manage to fit a little bit of crafty in amongst the mayhem of school holidays.

By Sharon Newth


  1. Such good work! I like all of your projects but "Polly" is the cutest, I think. :-D

  2. And I love the alien...I tell people that I'm from the planet Argon...maybe he's my cousin?? LOL!!! Polly was...still Mom's name, and I have a doll named Polly that sits on a chair in a bent sort of position...has a title, "Time Out." You've been busy.

    Time to go finish the laundry, sigh. Joyce

    1. I think he is related to you Joyce. A kindred spirit from across the seas at the very least. Laundry, you have no idea how many loads I had to do when we got back from camping!!!