Saturday, January 25, 2014

Salvaging postage stamps.

I"m officially the most unreliable blogger ever, but here I am again. Whilst those on the other side of the world were experiencing a 'polar vortex', in my part of the world we were sweltering under a week of extreme heat. We had a whole week of temperatures in the mid 40 degrees, which resulted in us doing nothing but swim and hide indoors. It caused my internet to be out of action for a week too!

Here's something I made using old postage stamps I salvaged from letters and postcards. I had no idea what I was making when I started this, I was just making it up as I went. My favourite way to create.

I've got a bit of a thing for hot air balloons, so here's what I ended up with. :-)

By Sharon Newth


  1. Sharon, that's gorgous...I love it! You are just so blasted clever. Did you put anything over it to protect it, like maybe some clear spray paint? That should be a family heirloom for your kids, seriously.

    And you may keep your wicked hot heat, I'll keep the cold, seriously. I detest hot weather. Right now our temperature is 35ºF, which is three degrees above freezing...and I don't mind it one bit.


  2. Huh, I don't understand this: I left a comment a day or so ago and it's not here. Try again, I guess. Anyway....

    I think what you did with the stamps is wonderful, I love it. Have you put anything on it to protect it, like a coat of clear spray paint? It's that great, Sharon, it should be protected and kept forever...quite a family heirloom for your kids.

    You may keep your hot and sweltering weather, and I will keep our cold weather. Anytime!! I don't like hot weather at all, but I enjoy the cold. As long as I can come inside and my house is warm, that is!!!


  3. Hi Joyce, Sorry about the comment. I have to approve them before they come up, rather than make you a robot, and we were away camping in the bush for a night. Thank you. I haven't sprayed it with anything but that is an excellent idea. You're very kind.

    It was way too hot! Hot again now but not like it was that week. We lost a tree that just keeled over in the heat narrowly missing our car, one of our chickens died and I found a dead kangaroo up at our dam. :-( Sounds too cold where you are though. I do like summer, but 45 degrees was really pushing the limits.

    1. That's a shame about losing the tree, a chicken, and finding the poor dead kangaroo...all due to the heat. Strange thing about that, tho, is that it could have happened to all three of them in very cold weather, too. I can't quite figure out the Farenheit equivalent for your 45º, but I'm guessing that it's roughly 98ºF. Close? There is a formula for changing one into the other, but I don't remember what it is and am too lazy to google it.

      Was it comfortable camping out in that heat? I'm glad y'all had a chance to get away again, even for just a night. Swimming?

      Thanks for approving both my posts, lol...and for letting me know what happened to the first one.

      Take care, day I will learn to spell my name, promise!!!

    2. It was sad. I googled it last week and found it was 113 farenheit. :-( Wasn't so hot when we were away, about 35 or 95 which we handle just fine. No swimming this time. I actually got to do some reading, and we explored some caves where the temperature was cooler. Kids go back to school the day after tomorrow after 5 weeks off, and it'll be a hot start to the year.

      Hope you are well. I know you are in Georgia, and just realised it isn't too far from Memphis where we're heading too soon.

  4. Wonderful idea to re-use the stamps and it looks great.