Thursday, January 9, 2014

Recent op shopping adventures.

Here are some of my recent op shop finds. Most of these I found when we were on our family holiday.

Firstly, a couple of awesome vintage chenille quilts and fantastci condition. I love the pattern.

Some side plates from Johnson.

You know I can't resist this!

More Johnson ware.

And some stocks to make some more bird feeders and cake stands. Or just have a tea party.

Mr D fell in love with this strong woman. From the free toy box out the front.

A 50s chair that matches perfectly with Nan's table. Needs a tiny repair.

And a free couch and 2 armchairs for my outside undercover area. I love these. So old school comfortable and very well looked after.

Just had to do some shuffling in my kitchen to fit the new plates in.

Anyone else been thrifting?

By Sharon Newth


  1. Great finds. Well done on the couch. Its so pretty!

  2. Love the mustardy colour of those cheniles sharon, very retro-modern. And miss piggy is the best! No one here seems to watch the muppets-i was raised on them and hope my kids will be dragging home muppet toys before too long!

    1. The muppets are the best! Miss Piggy is a true legend. :-) I love the colour and pattern on the chenille too, it might have to wait until my little boys are both in a bed.

  3. All the dishes are so pretty, and I really love the teacup and matching saucer. Personally, I'd leave that just as is and actually use it to drink tea from...being the arrogant classy lady that I am, y'know...snicker snort snert! I really do love teacups and saucers, tho, even in my jeans and raggedy tee shirt, lol.

    And Miss Piggy is one of my heroes!!! You did good!


    1. I do really want to have a lovely garden tea party, but I need more tea cups. I'm more of an occasional tea drinker. They are lovely though. Miss Piggy is awesome. A hero for sure.