Wednesday, January 8, 2014


There isn't much time for anything but kids at the moment, hence my silent blog. Today I did manage to get crafty with the kids though, and do a little refashion. I do have some other posts to try and catch up on but for now I'll stick with today.

The kids and I made random artworks from recycled materials we scavenged from around the house. It kept us amused for an hour or so while the made toddler was having a nap.

Juliet then made me a tree with all of the love heart gum leaves she had gathered as a present for me.

I really needed to do something creative, so I dragged out this 80s op shopped dress and gave it a refashion.

I took out the shoulder pads, removed the pockets, took it in at the back and sides, and took from off the bottom. I made it too short! I'm going to have to add something funky to the bottom now.

What have you been up to?

By Sharon Newth


  1. The dress came out really well, and I don't think it's too short, Sharon. Try it with a pair of colored tights...maybe even fishnet...or some jean jeggings. Did you save the material from the dress? Maybe a short ruffle at the hem? No matter what you do, I still say the dress is great the way it is

    What is the potato art, anything in particular? Love Juliet's trees with the real leaves glued on. Love the way you encourage your kids to join you in making stuff.


    1. Thanks Joyce. I do have the fabric which I think will make a ruffle. Will see how it looks with tights first. Too hot for that at the moment. Heading up to 44 next week. We're the opposite of the big freeze in the US. The potato stuff was icecreams and then we just ended up putting them in the green potatoes to stand them up.