Monday, July 29, 2013

1 Sweater worn 3 ways - A zero waste sweater upcycle

Firstly - sorry about my lack of blogging. Again! I'm technologically cursed, and after waiting for years to get a new computer, one of the kids broke it within a couple of weeks. Hoping the Dr can fix it. Totally cursed!

Here is my latest refashion of a sweater I got at the thrift (op) shop a few months ago, with the intention of making myself a skirt. Of course it has ended up being used to make something for my biggest fan, who has been wearing her new clothes non stop since I finished them.

Sweater - purchased for $2.

The first cut.

The high neck, which ended up becoming the headband.

The cutie.

by Sharon Newth


  1. OMG! She looks fantastic in that new dress and headband...and the black(dark blue?) tights. The striped leggings are clever and cool, but I really think the black tights are spot on!!! The tied shirt over the dress...her idea or yours? Again, spot on!! Adorable, and you are just plain clever to have done all that with one sweater and I'm glad you're back, lol.

    And, I am sooooo sorry about the computer being broken right after you got it. What a shame!!!


    1. I think you are right Joyce. I choose the little jacket and navy tights but she loves the whole stripy look, which I think is a bit much. :) Thanks. Just hoping we can get it fixed. I broke my smart phone too and and iPod drowned in the toilet. Cursed! Nice to hear your voice. :)

  2. Totally gorgeous. Great outfit that can easily be mixed and matched.