Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Working with wool.

I've been making woolly things lately, learning some new stitches and getting a little better and faster at my crotchet. I'm enjoying being part of a crochet group and meeting for crochet and chats.

On the weekend I taught Juliet how to make pom poms, which was great fun. Then we found out about an awesome way of making pom poms with a fork, so we tried that too. It was so quick!

By Sharon Newth


  1. Miss Juliet still has on her stripes, I see! You were right, she really loves them, and she's your biggest fan, bless her heart.

    Your crochet is coming along great...going to have enough granny squares for an afghan before long.

    I just read that you lost your iPad and your smartphone, and I'm so sorry. Hopefully you'll be able to replace them fairly soon??? Yes? Fingers crossed....


  2. Urrrgh! Still waiting to see if we can get the computer fixed and using an old phone for now. On the plus side, I'm very, very rich in love. :)