Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few crafty more bits and pieces.

Here's a little bit of a catch up on some of the crafty bits and pieces we've been up too lately.

The young man below purchased some polar fleece and instructed me to make him some 'soft pants'. It's an awesome bright green colour and he loves them. I added some aeroplane and boat bands to the bottom to give them a little bit more interest.

I found a new vintage dress. Not my usual style but I love it.

I used a terrible whiteboard that I couldn't clean and painted over it to make some wonky button love. It was destined for the bin otherwise.

Ms Juliet did some more sewing and made a bed for her ponies. It was her first time ironing too which was very exciting.

By Sharon Newth


  1. Another good sewing job, Miss Juliet. You're going to be quite a good seamstress before long, I think. I hope you enjoy sewing as much as your mom seems to.

    Sharon, I like that red dress, and it looks good on you. Love those green pants, too...nice and soft and ready to snuggle down in...I want some, lol!!! Oops, almost forgot the button board, which is very cute and very clever! Wish I could think of as many things to do as you do.


    1. Thanks Joyce. :) Juliet does enjoy the sewing. Have to find another project for her soon.

  2. Love the new vintage dress. Cant go wrong with polka-dots.
    Those ponies look very comfy in their new bed. x

  3. thanks Zara. Gotta keep the ponies happy!