Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifting while on a mini break.

Last week my husband was travelling interstate for work, and, needing a winter escape, we decided at the last minute to join him. We went to Adelaide for 4 nights, and, of course, I had to partake in some thrift (op) shopping. Went a bit crazy really.

With the kids, we scored all this in one shop. I gave them a little budget. Converse boots for the baby of the family.

Boots. $5. I'll be very tall in these. :) Never worn.

New Vans for the green obsessed one in the family. $3. Really? So cute. 

2 vintage towels.

Terrible weather, but managed to buy this beautiful vintage Welsh wool cape. So warm.

Someone loves their new pirate game, but wouldn't stay still long enough for a proper photo.

A fell in love with this vintage curtain, which will be featured in a post once I get a chance to write it. It's gorgeous!

Vintage shirt. Mens. For me. 

It was fun to have a crazy shopping spree, spend not much at all, and bring home a whole other bag full of loot. 

by Sharon Newth 


  1. How nice that you and the kids had a little break...I know y'all had such a good time in the op shops.

    And of course I know which one has the new green vans...the little fashionista, right? Love the color of them.

    Are you going to do anything with the vintage towels or just use them as towels? Looking forward to seeing what you do with the curtain.


  2. Not sure about the towels, I'm just a sucker for them really. I'm sure something will pop into my head eventually like it usually does. The shoes are actually for Aidan, although in the pic he is wearing girls pants so it looks like they're for a girl. :) He borrowed the pants from a friend we caught up with over there.

    How's the weather over there? Winter gets me down!

  3. Thats the best thing about op shopping. you can buy heaps and spend the same amount you would for one thing retail!
    I love all these purchases, not my style but so yours and are great buys!

    1. Yes! Not only that but you don't have to feel guilty about consumerism, environmental destruction, and other ethical issues that make shopping a minefield for me. And you get to help a cause. Win, win, win. :) Thanks for dropping by Charlene.