Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Beautiful and inexpensive ways to wrap your gifts.

7 Beautiful and inexpensive ways to wrap your gifts.

Let's face it, wrapping paper can be expensive, not to mention environmentally unfriendly. I try never to buy it, and instead use more creative gift wrapping alternatives that are also conversation starters. Those of you that are parents have probably wrapped a present or two in a kinder or creche painting, but here are a few other simple ideas to try.

Cereal boxes.

These are the prefect size for a gift bag. I made this gorgeous bag below by covering the box with old calendar pages, punching holes in the top, and tying some string to the holes. This was super quick and easy, and a great recycling option.

Old Maps.

I love using old maps to create gorgeous wrapping. If there is a particular location that is special to the recipient, they can also be more sentimental. I used a map of the place we first went hiking together when I wrapped this anniversary gift for my husband.

Here's another 'map wrap' I did for him, decorating the top with simple hearts made from paper strips.

Brown paper packages tied up with string.

There are endless possibilities with brown paper, and I like to use the brown paper bags you get from shops as a starting point. You can use old scraps of wool to create a stunning gift wrap.


Here are some I recently made with pom poms, wool scraps, and chocolates.

Turn old book or magazine pages into gift bags.

These are party treat bags I made for my daughter's birthday, using a pattern I made by pulling apart an old gift bag. These were made with magazine pages.

Here's an online gift bag pattern if you want to give this a try here.

Doily wrap

Paper of fabric doilies can be used to make plain white or brown paper look amazing.

Here I used the doily like a stencil to paint on a pattern, before removing the doily.

Here I glued on 2 doilies, one of which I painted red.

Potato stamps

Making your own potato stamps is another way to dress up plain paper.

Here is my tutorial here. A great way to get the kids involved.


Fabric is also a wonderful  environmentally friendly and thrift way to gift wrap, especially if you use old scraps or thrifted fabric. You can also use old tea towels, tablecloths or pillowcases.

This fabric gift bag used old shoelaces for the drawstring.

Once you are all wrapped up, why not make your own card using some old book or magazine pages and a little bit of cardboard. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Happy wrapping!

by Sharon Newth


  1. So digging this!!! I am always looking for new ways to wrap and some of these would be so much fun for my beans! I am a new follower here!!!

    1. Thankyou. Yes they are all very easy and the kids love them. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. Great ways to wrap, Sharon. And I love the little card with the bird cutout on it! I'd like to add aluminum foil w/bright colored yarn as a wrap and *ribbon,* and the colored funnies from the Sunday newspaper, lol.


    1. I have never wrapped in foil so will be trying that now. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Answering your question about our weather...from the older post. It's still too hot for me. Right now it is 88ºF and the sun is out. When I was out and about earlier, about two hours ago, it was awfully humid, as well. And yesterday we had more rain. This has been the rainiest summer I can ever remember seeing, but believe me, everything is SO green and pretty. Lots of flowers blooming, too. Be patient, you know that winter is almost over for you. I'll be glad when our winter hits: I really much prefer the cold weather!!!

    1. I just googled 88 and found it to be 32 degrees. Sounds like heaven! It doesn't rain a lot here but we've had a lot this winter too, after about 3 months without a drop I can't believe I am sick of rain and our tanks are full. It was beautiful this morning though. Photos coming up!