Thursday, August 29, 2013

Latest Thrifty Goodness

The op shop gods have been looking favourably upon me lately and I've been lucky enough to score some pretty fabulous goodies.

The first two pics are some garage sale finds for $1 each. I already have a smaller one of these casserole dishes that used to be mum's, but this is the perfect size for my little people who are big eaters.

This vintage green Tupperware container is awesome! I have two tall ones that match it that I use for my flour, so I was pretty happy when I found it. I've been looking for a water jug for ages too. This apple one was too cute to pass up.

Fabulous overnight bag for the nostalgic among us.

A vintage suitcase in a gorgeous green. We all know how much I love vintage suitcases.

And you know how I feel about canisters. Imagine my joy when I spotted these lovelies.

Yes, someone is definitely looking down on me from up there, and I think I know who it is. ;)

More very exciting news to share in the next few days. 

And lastly, a bit too dainty for clumsy me, but I bought this tea cup set for a friend for her birthday next month. So pretty.

The sun is once again beginning to shine, spring is in the air, and my heart is singing a little happy dance.

By Sharon Newth

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  1. Such wonderful finds! You do have the best luck, no kidding. I love the canisters and would love to have a set, but I honestly don't have room on my kitchen counter anywhere, sigh.

    Got the biggest kick out of Liam in that up in the air slide couldn't PAY me enough to go on one of those, lol. How did he like it? He looked like he wasn't at all scared, right?

    In answer to your question on the Raggedy Anne and Andy thread, and thanks for asking, I'm ok. As for your sporadic posting, you have a busy life with four kids and a husband, plus you;ve had computer problems. So it's understandable!!

    Always good to see you, tho, seriously!!


  2. I have done really well lately, but sometimes I go for months without finding anything. Persistence is the key. :)

    He was a bit scared, and he didn't enjoy the feeling in his stomach. He gets a bit car sick and sick on rides. It was such a wonderful thing to get to share camp with him (and 70 other kids). I had a turn too and I looooved it. I'm an adrenalin junkie though. It warmed me up for a couple of hours.

    Glad you are ok, hope you aren't working too hard, and are managing to have some creative fun. x

  3. Awesome scores - good work! Big thrill finding stuff that floats your boat.. Love the canisters a lot! Also that casserole was like the ones we had as kids too..
    Overnight bag= excellent!

  4. i love to find something, like you with your casserole dish that helps me match up odd and bods i have in my kitchen cupboards. and I L.O.V.E the green tupperwear, i have the brown version, the whole set in that design, but I REALLY want the green now I've seen it!!!

    happy weekend and thanks for linking in your great scores x

  5. Great finds - especially like the TV bag and vintage suitcase.