Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Finding Magic in my routine days 15-21

Here's another week of magical moments in my life.

Day 15 - I was on school camp with Liam and the grade 3 and 4 students at his school for a couple of days. It was very cold and wet. We were outside all of the time in the rain with a top of about 5 degrees. This little splash of colour in a bare tree made me smile through my shivering teeth.

Day 16 - It's magical to see your child reach beyond their comfort zone and do something completely different. This is Liam on the flying fox at camp.

Day 17 -  I stopped on the side of the road to look at these cuties. Something about these birds on the old stumps caught my imagination.

Day 18 - A rainbow in a very gloomy week. It lit up the sky and gave us hope.

Day 19 - A loveheart gumnleaf, collected while out walking.

Day 20 - We had some friends over for a bonfire, and lay down and stared at the beautiful starry night. Stars did not come out in the photo unfortunately.

Day 21 - I went for a big walk in my neighbourhood and I was feeling really happy. I walked past a huge paddock full of clover, and couldn't resist the impulse to be like a kid and lie in the clover on the side of the road. It felt good, except for the slight embarassment when a car turned around and came back to see if I was ok.

Hope you found some magic this week too. xxxxxx

By Sharon Newth

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