Sunday, August 18, 2013

Finding magic in my routine days 8-14

Here are the next 7 days of magic in my world. It's amazing how much magic you find if you stop to notice it.

Day 8 - I have always found a sleeping child to be one of the most magical and amazingly beautiful sights in the world.

Day 9 - The trees along my driveway are showing the most divine signs that spring will soon arrive in Bendigo.

Day 10 - When I got up on this morning I found Dylan had crawled into Juliet's bed for a morning snuggle.

Day 11 - Beautiful baby feet enjoying the squishy feel of mud between their toes. They never seem to feel the cold.

Day 12 - We went for a country drive to catch up with very old friends and stopped to admire a whole paddock full of newborn lambs.

Day 13 - This beautiful area of our backyard reminded me of a secret and magical garden from a fairytale.

Day 14 - I fell in love with the beautiful big brown eyes of this alpaca at an alpaca show we visited.

By Sharon Newth

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  1. Lovely, as usual! The kids, as always, are the morning snuggle. And love the alpaca, with those gorgeous brown eyes.