Monday, August 12, 2013

Finding the magic in my everyday routine.

You may have noticed that I am not a lover of winter. I'm a summer girl, and although I'm a very positive person in general, it gets harder for me during winter. I am also not a lover of routine, and of course having four children necessitates routine.

I actually thrive in times of change and love new experiences, so I really feel the need to break out sometimes. This may be one reason why I keep making new things instead of actually mastering a craft. I find it extremely satisfying to attempt making something I have never made before, and may not have the skills to do perfectly.

Anyway, I saw this image last week, and it inspired me to be more positive about the mundane, to help myself to be more enthusiastic about the less exciting aspects of my life, so I am taking a picture each day for a month of some magic I find in my routine. Please excuse the photo quality on some images which are zooms on my phone.


Day 1 - I went for a morning walk and noticed a little bundle curled up in the hole in this tree. (Possum most likely).

Day 2 - I looked out my bedroom window and saw these kangaroos, one with a joey in it's pouch.

Day 3 - The smile of my 'baby'

Day 4 - My anniversary ring that arrived in the mail finally, after waiting for three months, many many phone calls, emails and threats to the consumer commission (plus free earrings).

Day 5 - The beautiful wattles trees that seem to defy all winter gloom. I picked some and put them in my old wooden box.

Day 6 - A beautiful foggy morning. Some ducks that came to visit and flew off as I went to investigate them.

Day 7 - My parents arrived after 3 months away, and I captured this beautiful portrait of grandparent love.

Hope you find some magic in your day too. Share it with me if you do.

by Sharon Newth


  1. Magic is a beautiful postcard that I received today from my shiatsu therapist Lenka who after many sessions and much deep discourse, she also became my friend. Her card was sent from Alaska where she is now living and opening her heart to new adventures.Originally, I thought Lenka's purpose was to help me with some chronic physical ailments. The reality was that there were many lessons that I learnt from Lenka and for that I am eternally grateful and blessed.

    1. That's gorgeous and incredibly special Mezzy. Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

  2. The photos came out fine, in my opinion...your phone does a good job. I love kangaroos, but when they are that close to your home, do you have to be careful to keep the kids away from them? Are they dangerous at all? I don't know anything about them at all, obviously. The wattles tree reminds me of the forsythia here in Georgia, but it only blooms in the spring.

    Magic in my daily life, eh? At first I thought, nah, not working at the Waffle House, but then I remembered all the precious little kids that have been in this weekend. Adorable little ones, and one little boy and I had quite a moment, lol! He was all of 13 months. And every Wednesday evening, a dad brings in his five year old autistic daughter, whom I've waited on since she was three, and watching her grow and learn more, just about every week, is magical. She's a beautiful little girl, and when she focuses on me, and realizes who I am, and smiles, man, my whole world lights up, because it doesn't happen every time they come in.

    I'm glad you finally got your ring!!


  3. Finding the beauty in the simple things in life is sometimes the hardest thing to do. I loved your pics and each story attached.

  4. this is such a lovely idea, and clearly your surrounded by lots of lovely (not withstanding the stress of aquiring, finally your ring). We've all been sick, my little boy very much. but were coming right,, and just sitting here in the hot sun listening to him sleep (and breath normally) is bliss x

    1. Lovely Max. Having sick kids is horrible. Hot sun sound blissful!

  5. Max, I'm sorry y'all have been sick,but even tho I don't know you, I'm glad your little boy is better!! Hate it when kids are sick.

    Mezzy, that was so cool that your therapist sent you a postcard.

    I've been trying to find something magical about today at work...well, ok, it's yesterday by now, Tuesday...and can't really think of anything except: I laughed all day long!!! That almost never happens so it HAD to be magic!!! of these days I will learn to spell my name, honest.

    1. Joyce your story about the autistic girl was just beautiful, definitely lots and lots of magic to be found there. There is nothing like watching the growth of a child, small and big steps.

      As for the kangaroos, although they are large and have very sharp claws, they are not dangerous. They have been known to attack and kills dogs, but that is when they are chased and threatened by them. They are wild, so they don't let you get super close unless they don't notice you, and they'll hop away if you try to get too close. I love them. They are so gorgeous and it's amazing how they hop over fences in one smooth bounce.

  6. Laughing all day is the best day ever. :)