Friday, July 5, 2013

Vintage Linen Wall Canvas

You may have noticed how much I adore vintage linens. I buy them whenever I see them in op shops, and have more than a little love for floral vintage. I'm always on the lookout for sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths and even dish towels (tea towels). These are some of mine. Then I just wait until inspiration strikes, which can take hours, days, weeks or years.

I really needed a change on one of my lounge room walls so last night I decided to make some vintage linen wall art.

Here's my starting point. Blank canvas and spray glue.

I sprayed the canvas with glue, stretched and stuck my fabric on,then cut come 'library corners' and hot glue gunned the fabric are the edges at the back. I love using my hot glue gun. There's just something very awesome about a hot glue gun. It that weird? :)

Here's my finished canvasses. I love them. Flowers and colour and smiles make my world beautiful.

I also stuck all these stickers on my wall yesterday. That took AGES! The kids were good at posing for me in their Elvis costumes today though.

My big and my little man. Love, love, love.

Then we watched Mary Poppins and ate movie snacks. I served them up in egg cartons, just for something different.

I love the school holidays. For me it's about a slower pace, staying in pjs until lunch time, and spending time with family. I know some Mum's dread them though. How about you? Do you love them too? Do you love vintage linens? Perhaps you love Mary Poppins? There is so much to love in this awesome world of ours. I'm still in my pjs at 2:30 in the afternoon and I love that too.

by Sharon Newth


  1. OMG, Sharon, what a fantastic wall!! I love the canvases, and the words just set it all off to perfection. You outdid yourself, no kidding.

    Your kids look so cute in the Elvis outfits. Do all of you like Elvis? I can't remember your oldest son's name, but he looks like he has shot up about six inches since I started reading your blog close to a year ago. And handsome?? Lady, please! You are going to have girls hanging out at your house, calling your house, and knocking on your door, you just wait and see, lol. He looks just like his Dad.

    Love vintage linens. Never watched Mary Poppins, but read the book as a child and adored it.

    Now I'm going to shut up and go away for a while. :-) Joyce

  2. Thanks Joyce. I'm so pleased with it. I needed a change in the lounge room. Yes we all like Elvis. We are hoping to go to Graceland next year with some money I am getting from Nan's will. It's been a dream of mine for a long time and I want to do something amazing with some of the money. Liam is growing up. Don't mention it, it happens so fast and as much as I love them as they are, I really miss the little tiny people they used to be. He does look like his Dad, more than the others.

    I've actually never read the book of Mary Poppins, although I read about a book a day as a kid. We love the movie and Liam and I saw the live show about 3 years ago and it's still a highlight of his life.

    Hope life is being kind to you.

  3. There is something cool and quirky about all the kids as Elvis impersonators.....great pic. The retro fabric is great too.

    1. Thanks Mezzy. I love them in their Elvis costumes.