Thursday, July 11, 2013

7 Easy Upcycled Pillowcase Projects

Following on from my previous vintage linen post, today I'm sharing with you 7 easy upcycled pillowcase projects.

1. The Pillowcase Dress. 

A pillowcase makes an adorable dress for a little girl, and is one of the easiest projects for the beginner sewer. All it takes is a couple of scissor cuts, creating a casing, and some ribbon. Here's one I made a few years ago for my daughter.

Life Created gives you a tutorial over here.

Here's another I spotted in this lovely etsy shop. How gorgeous!

2. A pillowcase cushion. 

Here's my Hootie Hoot the Owl Vintage Pillowcase Upcycle. I made it here last year as part of my 365 creativity challenge. All you need is your pillowcase, a couple of doilies, buttons and some fabric scraps. Oh and a little bit of imagination. 

3. The Pillowcase Top

This is a cute option if you are petite. Lovely and cool in the summer months. Erica from Recycled Fashion shows us how to make one on her blog. Most of the work is already done for you.

4. Pillowcase Toddler Trousers. 

Made by me from a 50 cent pillowcase. I actually got 2 pairs of size 1 trousers from the same pillowcase with this stunning African print. Little trousers or pants are one of the easiest sewing projects.

Here's another pillowcase to pj's and pj bag upcycle I made for my nephew last year. You can find it here.

5. Pillowcase Wall Art

 For the non-sewer, try some pillowcase wall art, as featured in my last post here. Super easy and it looks gorgeous.

6. Pillowcase Skirt

If you have a bit more time on your hands you can make a stunning skirt by layering up your pillowcases as I did with this project, a-pile-of-vintage-linen. What little girl wouldn't love a skirt like this?

7. Pillowcase bag.

Last but not least, rhythm of the home shares a tutorial on how to make a quick bag from a pillowcase over here. 

And here's another gorgeous one over here at creatively satisfied.

No excuses now, delve into your stash, your linen cupboard, or pop into your nearest thrift store, and get making. Turn that pillowcase into something amazing.

by Sharon Newth.


  1. A great round up! Thankyou so much for featuring my pillowcase top!

  2. Fabulous ideas! Might try make a pillowcase top for myself! Thanks for sharing.

  3. All the crafts are very clever, but my fave is the wall art. Gotta admit, tho, the top is very clever, too.