Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to make an old case look lovely. The beauty case upcycle.

Hello! Boy has life been busy! The kids are back at school again now though, but Mr 19 months is pretty much a full time and a half job on his own these days, so life is never dull. It's pretty awesome though.

Here's what I did today (in between kinder gym, kinder duty, a big pram walk, wood foraging, footy training and other mad kidlet stuff).

I'll start off with my morning. Rushing off down the driveway to school I happened to spot these little beauties. I thought they looked so gorgeous, I didn't mind stopping to enjoy them, even if it meant being a minute or so late for school.

What followed for the next 7 hours was madness and mayhem, until finally, at the other end of the day, I claimed a little bit of time to make something special. Here it is.

 It all began with this old case I found at the op (thrift) shop a few weeks ago. I think it's an old beauty case of some sort. It looked a bit shabby, but I knew it had potential, and it was a total bargain at $5.

Glue and some vintage fabric scraps came to the rescue. I glued the scraps on to the case, then put a bit more glue on top of the fabric to seal it. Glue, fabric, glue. Easy peasy.

It's so pretty now. :) It already has a use too.

I'm happy now. Hope you are too. Better go and fold that mountain of washing now. Catch you soon. xxx

By Sharon Newth


  1. Lovely! When I collage something, it never occurs to me to use fabric scraps, but I betcha I'll try it one of these days. The case is gorgeous, Sharon.

    I have to agree that spider webs are beautiful, but I sure don't like spiders at all, at all.


    1. I just happen to have lots of lovely fabric, so it seems a shame not to use it. I'd have to spend money on paper, or use my magazines and old books as I sometimes do. Not a fan of spiders either, and we have some pretty poisonous ones here. They are minding their own business down my driveway though, so that's ok.

  2. Very cute transformation of a dull beauty case.