Sunday, June 2, 2013

A last minute mini break by the sea, and a final visit to my Nanny's house.

We have just been away for a a few days with the family to beautiful Anglesea on the great ocean road in Victoria. Of course we had to visit an op shop or two. 

We found these 2 retro chairs that my brother had been looking for for his outdoor deck. Comfy too. :-)

And I picked out an old crochet and knitting magazine. Knee caps gave me a laugh, and I'm loving the 'Man's tie'.

And while we're on the subject, I was pretty pleased with myself when I finally managed my first line of my next crochet stitch, called double stitch here but I think it's called single in the States.

This time my fur babies came too, and running on that beach, my 11 and 12 year old dogs were like puppies once again. I can't tell you how much joy that gave me, as one of them has been looking very old lately, and has gone almost completely deaf.

On the way back we just happened to drive by the Geelong Vintage Market, and a u turn was necessary to drop in and check out the stock. Many things I loved but I resisted the urge to spend and just enjoy a look around with Ms Juliet, who wanted to buy half the shop.

I adored these old sifters.

I'd love to hear the stories this suitcase could tell.

This orange is awesome!

Then we went to my Nanny's house for the last time, to pick up her kitchen table, which has now found a new home at our house. There are many wonderful love filled memories to be found in that table. 

I don't know why, but I salvaged this vinyl from the inside of her kitchen cupboards. It was an impulse. 

Tight squeeze! We almost didn't get it out.

We finally arrived home, and had cheese toasties for dinner, with a memory wrapped up in a whole lot of love. A new home for this table and chairs after 60 odd years.

And this morning, I used an old tile that had been hanging around for years, to make this gorgeous table centre tile (we do lots of big plates in the centre and share our meals) using the salvaged kitchen cupboard vinyl. I'm crazy I know, but it makes me happy.

This afternoon some friends came around and shared scones and jam and cups of tea and coffee at this table, and a new and wonderful memory was created. Back to work and school tomorrow.


  1. I think you should have let Ms.Juliet have that hat she found in the op shop. It matched her outfit and looked really good on her. :-) But then, the others would have all wanted something, too, I have no doubt. I would have liked to have a couple of those old sifters!!

    No, Sharon, you're not crazy. You have something of your grandmom's, something you can use and see on a regular basis, and that's a really good thing, not a crazy thing at all. As you and I agreed once before, Nanna's are very special, and to honor her like that, well, it's beyond words.


    1. Hi Joyce. Jules does look great in hats! She wanted to buy a few 80s taffeta dresses. :-)

      Thanks and hugs to you. Saron

  2. I remember going to a market in Geelong about 25 years ago! Lovely table
    Best wishes