Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outfits for days 13 and 16-18

Thank you to the lovely Joyce who pointed out that I had missed day 13. A transit day between beach and home and Melbourne. We had brekkie at this cafe and watched a family of dolphins playing out in the sea.

Day 13 - Skirt refashioned from crazy pants, refashioned t, op shopped jacket.

Day 16 - Refashioned skirt, tunic made by me from a vintage knit, free stuff shared jacket.

Day 17 - Op shop wool jumper, skirt made by me from vintage fabric, refashioned shoes.

Day 18 - Vintage body shirt and op shopped trousers.

At this point I am getting very, very tired of taking photos of myself.


  1. The skirt in #17...I love it. The colors are fantastic. I also like the whole outfit in #16. It just all goes together so nicely.

    I'm glad I hadn't overlooked #13. Makes me feel stupid when I do stuff like that.

    Lovely Joyce

    1. Thanks oh lovely one. Our new computer arrived today and Mr crafty is setting it up, I'll be back blogging again soon. :)