Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My outfit challenge is now complete.

Today is the last day of my outfit challenge, and whilst it's been fun, I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll be wearing something very comfy and daggy and NOT taking a photo of myself. (Complete with bad hair).

Day 26 - Handmade skirt, one of my favourite vintage floral tops and a 1960s mens dinner suit jacket. (complete with padded shoulder glory)

Day 27 - Having a day with my 8yo, just heading off to watching him play u9 footy then hopping on the train to Melbourne and taking him to see AFL footy. Wearing my grandpa's vest, my hippy market pants, and my vintage footy scarf. Yes I've had it since about 1980, when my footy team used to be good. 

Day 28 - I repaired this vintage dress that had worn through to a hole, by sewing on a piece of doily by hand. I think it matches so well with the dress. Worn with op shopped jacket.

And a little something extra.

Sharing a little something from my wardrobe. This vintage leather coat used to belong to my Grandma. She gave it to me when I started refashioning and she was moving into an aged care place and getting rid of lots of stuff. It's a couple of sizes too big for me but I like having it, and knowing she used to wear it. I just found her hanky, 20 cents and a met ticket in the pocket. It makes me smile thinking of her wearing it. She loved bold colours.

Day 29 -  I'm in the sandpit with my boys this morning wearing a vintage mint paisley shirt and op shopped jeans. Loving the winter sunshine.

Day 30 - Thank goodness! It's been fun but tomorrow I'm looking forward to wearing something daggy and NOT taking a photo of myself. I'm wearing a vintage dress which was refashioned a little by me, and an op shopped jacket. And new boots. These are not op shopped, but I do love them. 

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  1. You did it! Good job, Sharon! I think my favorite is this bunch of photos is the hippy pants, really. The whole outfit just looks perfect for running around with an eight year old boy, I think.

    I also really like your Nan's leather coat. I know it makes you feel closer to her every time you wear it.

    And, I'm definitely coveting the flowered canister set! Wow! Love it!

    Jocye...who can't even spell her own name...sheesh!