Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have finally finished the desk renovation for Juliet, after a few delays, such as the vintage cotton reels I wanted to use as knobs on the drawers getting lost in the post, and then having a lot of trouble getting the old knobs off. It's not quite how I anticipated it would look, but I did learn a lot.

Here are the vintage reels, I left the tread on them and put a couple of layers of lacquer on top of it so it wouldn't unravel.

The paint was given to me so once that ran out I had to stop. I painted a few layers using different application methods and wiped and scraped off paint to give it a worn look.


  1. I love the bright colors and the spools of thread for knobs...that's such a clever idea. I bet Ms. Juliet is thrilled with it, right?

    You posted 1-12 and then 14 and 15 on the op shop clothes, but I don't think I found 13. Did I overlook it somehow?...I do stuff like that, sigh. Just ask my poor boss!!


  2. Thanks Joyce. I need you for my editor! It's because I still don't have a computer and I'm doing everything on a tiny screen. I'm a little bit over it. It would be so much easier for me if love was the currency of choice. I'd be abundantly rich in commercial terms too then. Oh we'll, guess I'm still pretty lucky. Hoping to have a computer again next week.

  3. Ad yes, she is very pleased of course. :) Doing lots of drawings at her new desk.

  4. The cotton spool knobs are so cool! Love the idea :)