Monday, June 24, 2013

Things that make me smile.

Ok, so I've been op shopping again (blush), but there was lots of goodness to be found. You know how I love colour and fun, so here's what I picked up last week.

I needed a pot for soup, and how could I resist this? $5, and definitely something to make me smile during the cold winter months.

A willow canister (now my biscuit jar). I wasn't really sure if I loved or hated this, but I was very drawn to it, and couldn't resist it for $2.

Another happy glass, just 50 cents. I love it lots and lots.

Lastly, another granny blanket. Someone went to all that work. The kids love it. ($3)

So that's $10.50 worth of goodness there. Shared, treasured and enjoyed. :)


  1. LOVE your scores!! $10.50 - so bargainous!! Joy!

  2. That pot and biscuit jar are amazing, I would not have left without them!

  3. Wow, good haul for only $10.50! I really need to get to my fave thrift/op shop, sigh. It's been wayyyy too long, and I have such a good time prowling around.

    I love that soup pot. Do you make a lot of soups? What kinds? I love to make a big pot, and then I don't have to cook anything for four or five days, unless I get tired of it, lol. Chili's great, too. All my soups and my chili are vegetarian, except for once in a while I'll make chicken soup.

    And I love your pretty glass, great colors. I'm a sucker for colorful glasses, too.


    1. I like to make a bit pot of soup too, hence the need for a large pot. I'm not a big soup person though, so I usually go for a hearty soup like minestrone. Yum! That's pretty much my soup selection, he he, but Mr Crafty likes pumpkin soup.