Monday, June 24, 2013

Making my way to a happy existence.

Sorry about all of my double posts lately, although I now have a computer I seem to be having trouble getting to it regularly.

Here's what I've been making lately. My crochet skills advanced a little and these are my first 2 squares. Very pleased with myself. They might be a little wonky, but it's a big achievement for me.

On the weekend I made some tin can lanterns to celebrate winter solstice, and we also had an amazing super moon here. Winter nights have been so cold and frosty, but the days are lovely and sunny. 

I made a new hot water bottle cover. I could not survive without my hot water bottle.

Oh and some socks were reunited with the help of the sock matchmaker. Hooray!!!!

 Today I started making Juliet a patchwork doona cover (duvet to some) using a bag of lovely fabric scraps I was given from a Mum at school. This was me cutting and laying out the pieces.

Also today, Little A and I made a countdown calendar for his birthday in 2 weeks time. He wrote in the numbers himself, and look what he got to do today.

It's cold, and I'm not a lover of cooler weather, so I have to add even more colour to my life to make up for it.

What have you been up to?


  1. Those lanterns are a blast from the past!1 We used to do those at guy fawkes - I should do that with the kids one night - defo a wintery activity..

    Loving the sock finder, calendar and hotty cover - phew you're clever!!

    1. Thankyou. The kids loved the lanterns, great activity to do with them.

  2. Well done on the crochet, looks fab. Before you know it you will be doing it with your eyes shut! That hot water bottle cover looks so warm. I not a huge cold weather fan either, but the sunny days do help! xx

    1. Thanks. Lots of crochet ideas running through my head now. :)

  3. You've done a great job of adding more color to your life, and a great job of staying busy, as well.

    Are you going to make an afghan with the squares you've crocheted, and the ones you're going to crochet? I think they look fine, didn't look wonky at all to me.

    That sock matchmaker is just plain genius, and I would have loved to have had one when my kids were litte.

    Ok, I admit, I really loved everything you posted this time, all of it. Lots of color for the winter!!! :-) And I'm hoping to see even more...right?

    I've been up to working three days a week, drawing a Zentangle a day, practicing my little electronic piano, and now I've added an index card a day. Oh, yeah, I'm involved in a postcard swap site now, too. Reading a lot, too.


    1. Hi Joyce. The squares were just to practice but Juliet thinks we should use them as drink coasters, so I might do that. Future ones will have another purpose to be revealed later. :)

      You've been busy too. Tell me more about an index card a day. What's that? Popping off to google it now.