Friday, June 14, 2013

Vintage/Handmade/Op shopped outfits days 19 - 25

Day 19 - I bought this vintage dress at Cheltenham Salvos over 2 years ago, but haven't worn it. It seemed a bit out there. I was scared. But now that I'm wearing it, it's kind of awesome. The back of the dress is fabulous. I'll definitely be wearing it more now.

Day 20 - I'm heading off to the Bendigo Community Farmers' Market this morning so it seemed only right to wear my citrus skirt, purchased from Rosebud Vintage, with stuff shared free hand knitted vest and farmers' market bag.

Day 21 - Vintage dress refashioned by me and shawl borrowed from kids dress ups.

It's day 22. It's a long weekend and I'm staying home today. I'm wearing Yakka overalls that tell a story of a very special relationship. These used to belong to Pa (my grandpa). We had a very special relationship. He called me his 'lovely bubby' from when I was very tiny. He died 19 years ago and my Nan gave me this pair of his overalls. I still like to put them on and feel closer to him sometimes. Grandparents are very special people. Yakka overalls are clearly made to last.

Day 23 - Vintage shirt and skirt. More power to the flower!

Day 24 - Good morning! Cold and rainy here. I'm wearing a tunic made by me from fabric I found at the op shop and op shopped jeans.


Day 25  I'm wearing another vintage bodyshirt/shirt. It's hard to tell from the pic but it's covered in yellow and green crosses. With my denim skirt refashion, which keeps popping up because my vintage shirts don't match very well with anything else in my wardrobe. I Love these hill tribe boots.

 Phew! Now what to wear today???


  1. I love that first dress, especially the back of it. Gorgous!!

    And I also love the overalls!!!


  2. Ooh, you have an eye for great prints and colour. The dress is esp. Fab and looks great with leggings. Have a great weekend x

  3. Thanks ladies. Almost finished my challenge now.