Monday, May 13, 2013

A sweater skirt

Following on from my previous projects of sweater skirts, scarf and pants, this is another skirt for my mini, this time made from three thrifted and unloved baby jumpers (sweaters).

I found these three jumpers at the op shop for 50 cents each in the baby section. I cut them into strips, and then joined them together with my overlocker. I used the overlocker again to attach a band made from ribbing that my mum had given me a while ago. I didn't use my sewing machine at all.

As usual, Ms J is very pleased. She wore it that day, and the next. It would probably look a bit better if she took it off long enough for me to give it a press. Love that girl, rocking it as a model. xxxxx


  1. Perfect just the way it is and the model is awesome too. Love this refashion and I am thinking of making an adult version for winter.

    1. Thanks Mezzy. Look forward to seeing it. :-)

  2. Ms. Juliet scores again, no doubt!! The socks look amazing with the skirt, great color coordinating, I think. Great job, Sharon.

    Yes, Mezzy, I want to see it if you make one, too.


  3. Sweet!both the skirt and the model ;)

  4. I love how it matches her leggings!

  5. I love how it matches the leggings!