Monday, May 13, 2013

What I've been making this week.

When I week goes by in my crazy manic life without a blog post, I do get a little anxious, knowing how much I've done in that time, and that it can be really time consuming trying to condense it into a blog post or two.

So here are some things I've been making this past week.

A purse for my sister in law, using some of my vintage fabric.

A card, also for my sister in law, using random things I found.

I am working on doing up a desk for Juliet's room. I got the desk for free and was also given some leftover paint. It's a work in progress, and not working out entirely as I had hoped.

A family portrait we made yesterday.

And here I am with my babies yesterday, mother's day, when Mr Crafty had to work.

More posts to come, but at least I've made a start now.



  1. Love that purse, love love love it! How do you attach the fabric to the piece with the clasp on it? Isn't it metal? Hot glue, maybe?

    The card is beautiful and i can't wait to see the desk when it's finished, even if it's not what you had in mind. You can always paint over it and start again, y'know.

    And the family portrait is beautiful, also...but heck, you already knew that, right?


    1. It's just a glue like pva or something a little stronger, which you spread with a match stick, and shoving it in there, then hammering a bit afterwards to clamp it. Next time I do one I'll try to take some photos.

      Thanks Joyce. I'm still catching up with more blog posts today. I've been so busy!