Monday, May 6, 2013

Paper crafting with Ms Juliet

Ms Juliet and I did some Sunday paper crafting with a magazine poster from one of my favourite magazines Frankie.

First we tried to make a paper house. Here's the shape we cut out, and glued to some thicker cardboard.

Folding did not yield a house, but we improvised and made it into a pretty cute gift box.

Attempt number 2, the same shape was cut, but this time we actually made a house. How cute is it?

After a job well done, and with Mr Crafty having to work on a Sunday (Boo!), we decided to take a break for milk and biscuits.

This yielded some materials for our next project. It was all in the name of art really.

Milk cartoons are already waterproof, and make super cute vases. Cut pieces of paper up, glue them on, and then paint a couple of layers of watered down pva glue over the paper to waterproof the finish.

I think it looks adorable. Does anyone else want to try one? Cute mother's day gift perhaps?


  1. That gift box with the button is a fantastic idea!!

    1. Thankyou! I love buttons so I try to sneak them into as many projects as possible :-)

  2. As always, very clever! Love the little gift would also make a nice little "treasures" box for Ms. Juliet, yes? And the milk carton vase is adorable, makes me wish I drank milk, lol. I suppose I could buy a carton and dump out the milk...such a waste, tho, sigh.

    I enjoyed your trip to Fitzroy, also. Seems to me that the op shops in Australia are set up much, much better, neater, and more organized than the ones I've come across here in the States. Got some really neat stuff in them, too. That dress that wasn't in your size? I would have grabbed it just for the material, for "later!!!"


    1. A treasure box is an excellent idea. That's where the kids come in handy, for drinking milk Joyce. Although I am partial to a latte.

      The shops in the photos were mostly second hand dealer shops so they were a bit more expensive then op shops, in some cases a lot more expensive. Those gorgeous dresses in the pink and green photo were all well over a hundred dollars so there was no way I was going to buy one. They were gorgeous though.

      Op shops are more hit and miss, but the second hand dealer shops are fun to browse and see things to hunt for in op shops.