Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Back in January the kids and I wrote down our dreams for 2013. Mr Crafty was supposed to write his down too so we could put them all together and maybe bury them somewhere for a year. Mr Crafty never got around to it, so yesterday I decided to do something with the dreams, with the help of Little A.

At the time when we wrote them, Juliet was going through an angry period, which I think now was caused by her fear after Dylan and I were in hospital over Christmas (hence the references to not being angry).

Some of these dreams have already come true. Juliet is definitely back to her world loving, positive and wonderful self, and Liam is almost a new child after being released from the oppressive teacher he had for over a year. :-)

We wrapped them up in a scrap of woolly jumper (inside 2 snaplock bags) and hung them on this tree half way down our driveway. They are swaying in the breeze, waiting to catch something magical.

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