Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another week goes by...

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Sorry for such sporadic posting but my computer is still not working. I have still been updating my Facebook page because it's easier to do that from my phone.

We celebrated Mr Crafty's birthday.  A Joyous occasion as always. :-)

I found an amazing vintage dress at the op shop. Must have been in someone's wardrobe for a long time. Anyone want to guess the vintage?

I found this absolutely perfect nest on the ground upside down, which inspired me to make a new bird feeder and resting place.

I made a vintage plate cake stand.

I had a wonderful day with my whole family (mum, dad, brothers) visiting my brother who has just moved into his his new farm in Trentham.

We found a market there.

My brother's house, which he has stuffed full of vintage furniture, and the cow bell collection he brought back from Switzerland where he lived for about 8 years.

Clock we got my brother at the market.

I visited the view hill bargain shop, which is always home to a treasure or two, and has lovely staff and often some great vintage items. Well worth a visit if you are in Bendigo. I got some gorgeous vintage orange willow tins there last year, and a mint condition chenille rug.

Yesterday we got these shoes for Mr D and a hair wrap for Ms J.

 I bought some vintage cotton reels, which I'm hoping to use as knobs for the drawers on the desk I'm doing for Juliet's bedroom.

So that's most of what I've been up to this week, as far as I can remember. Loving each day as much as the last. 


  1. lots and lots of lovely things here sharon. cant decide whether i am most coveting the cake or the 40-50's dress x

    1. :-) the cake was quite delicious. Thanks Max.

  2. I'm thinking that lovely dress is from the early to mid 60's. It looks like something that Jackie Onassis would have worn when she first became Mrs. Kennedy, our First Lady. It's certainly pretty.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Crafty! It looked like he was enjoying his day...loved the kids singing to him.

    Also loved the views of your brother's house, but I gotta tell ya, Sharon, I didn't know that the cows in Switzerland were so huge...snicker. Those are some serious cow bells, lol.

    Love that cake stand you made, too.


    1. Yes I thought either 60s or possibly 50s for the dress. Jackie O always looked amazing.

      The singing was very loud, it sounded more like a football theme song than happy birthday, but fun nonetheless.

      Very serious cow bells indeed. Some of them way to heavy for a neck. They are cow mad in that place, where my brother fitted in quite well. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by Joyce and being patient with my lack of blog posts. :-)