Monday, May 6, 2013

Smith St, Fitzroy

On Saturday I caught the train to Melbourne (after watching my son Liam play his first ever game of footy in under 9s) for the birthday of a beautiful friend. I had a few luxurious hours to myself, and spent my time browsing second hand shops. There was much to temp me, but I didn't spend a cent. I merely enjoyed time to myself, and not having to say 'looking not touching' every five minutes.

Here is a little of what I saw.

My parents had the same one as this. We loved watching our own home movies whilst sitting on our bean bags. We knew them so well we'd start laughing before the funny bits came up.

I've developed a vintage suitcase love lately.

I so would have bought this dress, which must have been hiding in someones cupboard for 50 years, had it been my size.

I loved these orange shoes too.

And this whole rack was just amazing. Look at all that colour!

I got the late train home, and tumbled into bed at 1 am with a smile on my face and feet that had walked many happy miles.

So from this I came home empty handed, but the boys and I happened to be walking past an op shop this morning while we were out doing errands and we found these.

Tea cup and saucer (50c)

8 side plates (50c each)

And super cute coffee mug (50c)

Look how well these match the ones I got from my Nanny. I just had to get them. Happiness, for today at least, is pink crockery. Smiles all round. 50's style.


  1. Looks like a very lovely day!Great find with the teacups and plates, very pretty!

  2. Yes, fun to dream and get ideas.

  3. Sometimes just a browse is good enough isn't it. Your coffee mug is pretty cute though