Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flower Power

Here is the refashion of the vintage dress I got on the weekend. I'm going to be wearing it on Saturday night for a dinner. Love it!

To start it was incredibly short and too wide for me. No way I would wear something that short. When I purchased it I was thinking I might turn it into a tunic to wear over pants, but something else evolved.

First I unpicked and removed the tie around the neck, which wasn't really my style.

Luckily, it had a huge hem, which was sewn only into the inside of the fabric, so it didn't show on the outside. This gave me about 2 inches extra length when I let this down.

Each side got at least an inch chopped off it and taken in.

I opened up the ties.

Then I sewed them together into one continuous strip. I then added this to the bottom of the dress for another extra couple of inches of length.

There were a couple of holes due to old age.

So I used these tiny scraps from the tie to make some patches. One at the front and a couple at the back.

Here's a patch close up.

 I'm very happy now. The hemline is slightly asymmetrical as I decided to go with the way the tie was angled.

You can see the flower patch at the front in this one.


  1. Love this refashion and especially the quirky hemline. It looks retro but very fresh and totally wearable. Well done.

    1. Thanks Mezzy. I love it and can't wait to wear it. I had no idea what was going to happen when I bought it so I'm really happy it turned out like this.

  2. Good job! Love the clever new hem.


  3. It looks great - good find on that dress.

  4. I saw this on Refashion Co-op and hopped over to see more details. I'm so glad I did or I would've missed the fun hemline and cute patches! Designer details is what they are. :o)

    1. Thanks so much. I love the little hemline too. Can't wait to wear this on the weekend.

  5. Sharon,

    The dress looks adorable on you. I love the idea of creating a patch to cover up tears! Will have to try it out soon.