Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Op shopping and family adventures.

On the weekend I travelled to Melbourne again, this time with 3 kids, to go to the auction of my Nan's house. We stayed the night at Mum and Dad's place, and made our way there on Friday at a leisurely pace.

We did some op shopping of course.

I got these 4 treasures at the Cheltenham Animal Protection Op Shop for 50 cents each, so a total of $2. It's one of those old school op shops where everything is stuffed in and it's super cheap. The staff are lovely retired people who are always friendly, accommodating and helpful.

Miss Juliet spent $4, and was very happy with her new sneaker boots, beanie baby and bead necklace.

Then it was off to the auction, which went really well. Here are the kids on Nan's front veranda for probably the last time. This is where she would sit if she knew you were coming.

A kitchen full of love and home cooked meals.

I was also looking in an album yesterday, and noticed that the first ever photograph or me, here with my mum, was taken in the backyard of Nanny's house.

Our last stop was the op shop around the corner, where Nanny used to take us a lot when we were little.

It's changed a lot now and is one of the more expensive Salvos, but it very retro and funky. The kids loved it, especially this 'lounge room', and the rows of beds.

It's the end of an era now with Nan gone, and the house sold, and it was a difficult drive back to Melbourne as I let a few tears flow. RIP to one of a kind.


  1. (((((SHARON))))) Grandmothers are so special.

  2. Cherish the memories....a house filled with love is never forgotten.

    1. Thanks Mezzy, I definitely do, and I am so lucky to have had her around for such a long time. In a year or so I know that when I think of her there will be more smiles and less tears.